Friday, January 07, 2011

New Addition

You won't believe it, but we got a dog today. I do some marketing work for Tiara Rado Animal Hospital (check out the site, we did a good job) and they told me that they had a 12-year-old Collie that needed adopting. It's an old dog, but she doesn't act that old.

Her story is a sad one. Her owners were elderly and in a car wreck. The husband passed away a couple months after the accident. Since the dog, Babe, was his dog, it was too painful for the wife to keep her around as a reminder. She's incredibly mellow, which is our style. I think she might be part cat. Now for those of you with your jaws on the floor because you still can't believe I got a dog, here's some proof.

1 comment:

The McDowells said...

I must say I am Shocked that you would ever agree to get a dog! She looks like a good dog and I know you guys will take good care of her. Please don't turn into the type of person who dresses their dog though. :)