Friday, June 25, 2010

Final Friday

Today's my final Friday I'll have to work for a couple months. Every business is feeling the pinch, and we're no different. To prevent a major shake up, my place of employment has decided to have summer hours, which means Friday's off to cut back on costs.

Now, if I were still single, I would be in panic mode. But since I'm now in a two income household, it'll all be a-okay. John was excited - and so am I - because we can take more mini vacations that we don't have to rush through.

Watch out West ... the Matthews have an extra day of play! (By the way, John has so much vacation, he can never use it all, so he's considering taking Friday's off every now and again. He's so sweet!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Telluride, Colo

Spring is here, and John and I are back at it; traveling the state and taking in the vacation spots others plan for all year. There are pros and cons to every place you live, but this is definitely a pro.

Last weekend John and I traveled to Telluride, which is about a two and a half hour drive from Grand Junction. Driving that small distance, I felt like I was definitely on vacation because the scenery changed so drastically, from the red rocks of the desert to the green trees and mountainous landscape of this cute little Colorado mining town.

The week prior it had been incredibly hot, but the day we left for Telluride, we had all kinds of rain and hail. You can see that the picture of main street is cloudy. Usually there's a huge mountain you can see towering over the valley community.

Telluride is definitely an exclusive community. There are no chain stores or restaurants to be found. If you're in Telluride, you meant to go to Telluride. This is not a community you drive through to get somewhere else since it's so tucked away. I'm sure this is what makes it the perfect getaway for stars like Oprah and Tom Cruise.

At the end of town you can see Bridal Falls. On Saturday, this is the view we had. Even though we couldn't see the top of the mountains, it was absolutely gorgeous.

We stayed in Mountain Village, just outside Telluride, on Saturday night. The hotel was very nice and the staff was incredibly accommodating at the Inn at Lost Creek. When we got up the next morning, the skies had cleared and we saw the true majesty of the surrounding Rockies.

To get from Mountain Village down to Telluride, we took the free Gondola. It's a perfect piece of transportation and incredibly convenient; take the Gondola up to get to the grocery store and down to get to Telluride. They also had a free shuttle. John and I think we could've been the perfect trust fund kids. :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

When John is away ...

Last weekend, the long Memorial Day weekend, John was out on location the entire time, hence the cleaning of the closets. In addition I sewed up a couple things I thought I would share. The first is a bag a gal I met ordered. She said she liked purples, blues and greens, so she got her wish.

The second thing I sewed up is this skirt, with a waistband, zipper and pockets. It's been so long since I've done anything too complicated, so I had to teach myself how to sew in a zipper again. The pattern I used wasn't any help. I sewed it in and it looks okay. I'm sure it'll stay in, so I consider it a success.