Monday, June 29, 2009

A Texas Toast

John and I ventured to Texas because we missed the heat. (Right ...) And my new brothers- and sisters-in-law threw us a newlywed BBQ celebration Texas style. It was too cute and I got to meet all the aunts, uncles and cousins that I missed during my last visit.

It was complete with Western decor ...

Personalized cups

A rifle demonstration from John's nephew, Coley.

A dance routine from nieces Kate and Evy along with cousin Anyssa to Hannah Montana music.
Is there any other kind of music for a tween? I think not.
Then it was time for family and friends to leave and Coley helped blow out the candles. It was the sign that the party was over. Thanks so much for the warm welcome and marriage wishes!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tour Time!

I got back Sunday from a tour of Washington, D.C., and NYC with a group of students from LA. We had a really nice tour, but very interesting. We had to send a kid home in the middle of the tour for attempting to shoplift in Walmart! There were a few other mishaps, but everyone had a great time. It was a flexible group, so all is well.

I was surprised at how light the crowds were in DC and NYC. At Arlington National Cemetery, I could get some decent shots of the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The soldier marching marches 21 steps, waits 21 seconds and then does it again. This is in honor of the 21-gun salute.

The Changing of the Guard includes inspecting the gun and the guard's uniform.

In NYC you may have heard about the city closing down parts of Broadway to make it more pedestrian friendly. Now they have lawn chairs in the middle of the streets to lounge about.

Here's me and some of my closest friends ... By the way, the weather was crazy! We about had heat strokes in D.C. and then it was cool in New York. That's spring for you!

I couldn't make it home the same day my tour ended, so I spent an extra night in NYC. I then had a lengthy layover in DC, so I went to take a closer look at some of the museums.

The magnolia trees were in bloom in DC as well, and I think they're absolutely gorgeous.

Happy Travels!