Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mo Friends

John and I spent our last day in Missouri visiting friends, and I'm so happy I got to see each and every one. We first made a stop to see Season, Pamela, Debbie and the new additions to their families. It was great catching up and seeing their babies. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos!

Then we went to Donna's where we saw Briana, Tim, Kayla, Donna and Keith. It was just like old times hanging around with good food and conversation. Kayla, Donna and I couldn't resist getting one more holiday picture as we have done in years past. Kayla always has the perfect pose ...

Here I am looking like I'm proposing to Donna, but I'm trying to feel the baby. Don't ask me what Kayla's doing on the floor. I just noticed it!

This is the picture we got of John during the visit. I think the combination of my family plus my wonderful friends nearly drove him mad! Gotta love this guy!

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